Carpet & Curtain Cleaning in dubai

Carpet & Curtain Cleaning in Dubai, UAE

The Laundry Press offers the best

carpet cleaning services in Dubai

. We understand that households that decorate your homes are very valuable to you. Most of the brands recommend a professional cleaning of carpets and curtains every 6 months to increase the lifespan.

This will help you break down the bacteria and give your home fresh and spacious air. Our team of experts takes utmost care while cleaning your carpets. It makes us the best

carpet cleaning laundry in Dubai


We provide –

  • Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

  • Curtain Cleaning in Dubai

  • Mattress and Sofa Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Dubai
Carpet Cleaning in Dubai
Carpet Cleaning in Dubai
Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

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Normal Service: 24 Hours Service

Normal Service:
24 Hours Service

Drop/Collection Before 9 pm and Delivery Next day before 10 PM

Same Day Service

Same Day Service

Drop morning before 11 am and collect same day evening 9 pm (25% Extra Charge)

Express Service

Express Service

Drop your cloths between 8 am to 6 pm and collect within 4 hrs (50% Extra Charge)

Door to Door

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