Steam Ironing Dubai, UAE

The Laundry Press can help you to a achieve your own perfectly finished clothing,using steam presses and garment steamers, which will make you ironing as much easier and quicker!. The pressing machines use a combination of pressure and steaml this steam can allso be removed with air or vaccum. Applying steam to a garment will soften the fabric and make it easier to press.

The high pressure applied to the clothing is where the pressed effect comes from and the heat helps to quickly dry the garment, helping it to keep its shape. Also, the vaccum or air will remove the steam which assists in the quick-drying process.

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Normal Service:
24 Hours Service

Drop/Collection Before 9 pm and Delivery Next day before 10 PM

Same Day Service

Drop morning before 11 am and collect same day evening 9 pm (25% Extra Charge)

Express Service

Drop your cloths between 8 am to 6 pm and collect within 4 hrs (50% Extra Charge)

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