4 Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Commercial Carpets

Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Commercial Carpets

Carpet, a beautiful investment, is not limited to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of residents. Instead, it is more popular and commonly chosen for commercial spaces. Apart from keeping the commercial environment comfortable and cozy, carpets also aid in reducing noise pollution while keeping the floor warm.

Adding carpets creates a safe space for the patrons and employees to walk on, but if they are uncared for, those beautiful carpets might soon turn unsightly and dirty. To prevent that, we, as the best laundry service in Dubai, are here with expert tips you can use to extend the life of carpets and make them a worthy investment.

Vacuum Them Regularly

Compromise on vacuuming the carpet only if you wish to compromise on their quality, visual, and lifespan. Dirt, dust, and debris tend to make their home in the fibers of the carpets on a daily basis. The easiest yet most effective way to maintain commercial carpets’ visual sanity and hygiene is to vacuum regularly.

The duration of vacuuming depends on the footfall of the commercial space. Carpets in spaces with heavy foot traffic might need vacuuming daily, whereas those in spaces or buildings with low to moderate foot traffic might need vacuuming every 2-3 days or weekly.

Keep the Outdoor Foot Traffic Areas Clean

Outdoor areas like sidewalks and parking spaces are meant to get dirty, and people entering these spaces will carry the debris and dirt through their footwear. Thus, spraying and sweeping the outdoor areas is important as it can make a significant difference for commercial carpets in the long run.

Regular cleaning will minimize the debris and dirt that people carry inside the commercial spaces, and thus, the carpet will remain comparatively clean. If you use water to clean once in a while, keep the drainage far from the building or at least the entrance.

Identify Areas with High and Low Foot Traffic

Not every area of your commercial space will receive the same foot traffic, which means carpets in different areas might demand different care and maintenance. Thus, it is important to identify spaces with heavy and low foot traffic and clean the commercial carpets accordingly.

You can also use additional rugs and mats to cover the carpet in areas with high footfall as it will protect them from the impact of damage. You can also place plastic mats under the desks and chairs to protect them from furniture marks, shoes, and stains.

Hire Us for the Best Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

The best way to extend the life of commercial carpets is to hire us as your professional cleaner. We provide the best carpet cleaning in Dubai using special equipment and cleaning methods like hot water extraction and deodorization to keep your carpets clean and fresh.

Routine deep cleaning of commercial carpets will help them maintain their visual appearance. Lastly, clean carpets reflect a positive image of your space while making it a hygienic and visually appealing place to work.

Feel free to contact us for all your carpet cleaning needs!

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